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Hafis Ismail

I’m an SEO consultant with 10 years of experience. During that time I’ve helped hundreds of companies to increase rankings, get more traffic and maximize sales.
As an independent SEO consultant, I can give you an unbiased view of your performance in search and advise you on the steps that will bring you the biggest value. No cookie-cutter approach.
Are you interested in cost-effective marketing? Me too! That’s actually why I started with SEO in the first place. When done properly, SEO can be the cheapest acquisition channel in the long run.  I strongly believe in the Pareto principle (80/20 rule) and minimalism and apply these principles to what I do. Less talking, more working.

What I do?

I help business websites to organically rank on Google.

Sizing Up

Before starting any digital marketing for a local business site, I need to evaluate the small business and measure its SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats).


Help set up goals for the campaigns and burn brain calories for intensive and extensive planning. In a nutshell, I’ll customize the seo strategy and digital marketing for your business.


When the objective is clear and necessary plans to run the campaign is laid out, we definitely need to hustle and realize the marketing plan!

Test & Improve

Test and perform a comprehensive analysis to find out if the plan is a working strategy, find loopholes and discover more ways to improve your website’s performance.

Download My Ultimate Guest Post Outreach Template

Email outreach is an incredibly powerful method for establishing relationships with other influencers and authors inside your field and can bring great results from a link building perspective.

To help you with your outreach campaigns, we’ve made a selection of 13 email templates, from both our own creation and from other successful SEOs that have shared them online. We save you the grunt work of going through tons of bad templates that just doesn’t work and provide you with 13 proven, converting email templates that you can use to get dozens of links.

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What else?

Entrepreneur Meets Marketer

Growth Hack
PPC Consultancy
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Lead Generation
Define Actionable Goals

Everything begins by focusing on a narrow, actionable goal. This is important because a growth hacker can easily have a focus that is so broad it becomes meaningless.

Leverage Your Strengths

Every startup has inherent strengths or assets that can be used as leverage. When there is something at your disposal which requires little energy, but can produce big results, then you’ve found a lever.

Track Your Goals

Without analytics, goals are empty. If you can’t definitively say when a goal has been reached then you have not completed the requisite requirements before moving ahead.

Execute The Experiment

If the idea of forming a hypothesis makes this feel too much like science and less like the traditional culture of startups, that’s probably a good thing.

Unmatched Service

We takes service seriously, and we’ll always be in contact with advice and information on how you can generate more traffic, leads and sales from your PPC campaign.


Whether you’re new to PPC or a seasoned expert seeking a third party’s advice, we can bring you up to speed and provide the PPC insight you need to succeed.

Bidding Strategy

From keyword research to placements and bidding strategies, we can provide the information your business needs to take action and enhance the results of its PPC advertising.

Improve ROI

No jargon and no buzzwords. Just proven strategies to improve your PPC return on investment, increase your reach and generate more sales for your business.

Adaptive Social Strategy

We design your social media marketing strategy around your goals and your audience’s expectations.

In-Depth Reporting

Your social strategist provides regular reports and data-driven insights to show you what’s working and why.

Improve Engagement

Every client gets a fully-fleshed out strategy for each social media platform of their choice.

A/B Testing

Testing different approaches to your campaigns allows us to fine-tune a branded, engaging social strategy.

Build a Strong Foundation

If you’re ready to jump into content production and want to start writing right away, I understand. But at some point, you’ll need to define why you create content and what you’re trying to achieve with it.

Maximum Productivity

We’ll develop a working Editorial Planner in which you can plan and track your content, and after it’s published, record results.

Content Generation Ideas

Help with practical tactics for creating your own idea-generation system, so you can easily come up with all the ideas you need.

Social Consultant

Platform omnichannel click bait thought leadership pivot. Disrupt taste makers council conversions emerging.


From a full-scale lifecycle program strategy to filling the holes in your current email marketing program, Inbox Group can help you formulate and execute your email marketing strategy.


Trust our professionals to maximize your brand with custom designed and coded email marketing templates that reflect your brand and allow you to create your email marketing campaigns efficiently.


We’ll help you manage your email campaign deployment process from template and campaign creation to setup, segmentation and message deployment.


Get the skinny on the good, the bad and the ugly with an actionable audit. Get actionable advice on how to improve your email marketing program.

Target your audience

Let us reach the .1% of the population you DO care about. We’re really good at it.

Turn them into customers

We partner with you to deliver the analytics, marketing automation and lead nurturing to close the long sale… faster.

Generate quality leads

We’ll work with you to assess and qualify the right leads that lead to actual revenue.

Lovely Customers

Don’t take our word for it

“Hafis helped us with SEO Strategy and expert guide for our E-commerce store.”

“Our online store conversion rate improved by 20% within 2 months after CRO consultation with Hafis. Great stuff!”

“From conversion to reputation, Hafis took care of everything. Thanks, man!”

“SEO Consultation with Hafis has really helped us drive organic traffic and sales.”

About me

Hello, I’m Hafis Ismail. I’m a marketing strategist who can help you take your online strategy to the next level. I have worked with some amazing brands over the years, helping them create and execute digital marketing plans to achieve reliable and measurable results.

My digital experience includes SEO, PPC, CRO, Content Marketing, Email, Social Media, Partnerships and Affiliates. I have also recruited entire digital marketing teams, each member with their own specializations. You can expect a lot of knowledge from my teams to be passed down to your business.

I have built websites from scratch, led web development teams and managed large redesign and migration projects for big clients. This experience allows me to neatly bridge the gap between Marketing and IT, something only a few marketers can say.

I also have a great team who can design and develop elegant, responsive websites, meaning you only need to have one conversation with me to achieve big things.

If you are looking for a freelancer consultant who can ensure your website obtains better results, I am your guy.

Some people talk the talk, but their reports are fluffy and full of jargon. My work is transparent with practical and smart metrics. You can expect me to be honest and simple, nothing less.

Feel free to get in touch with me and let’s talk about the results you want to achieve from your marketing strategy. Like I often say – The obstacle is the way, you just need to understand how to overcome it. Hiring a marketing consultant such as myself can get you the results you want, quickly.

Story Telling

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