Google Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization – Basic

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Expertise: Google Ads (Search, Display, Youtube, Shopping & Call Ads)

Category: Lead Gen, Shopping & Phone Calls

Budget: Start with a relatively modest budget ( $1,000 per month or lower)
Having a good experience in managing multiple campaigns with budgets $500 to $25,000 per month.

Keyword Research + Ads Development + Bidding + Ad Extensions + Negative Keywords + Campaign Setup

Search campaign creation + 1 category/product/service + keywords research + 3 ads


Are You Looking For A Google Ads Expert? I can help you in setting up a profitable campaign as per google best practice & will guide you properly on which strategy is beneficial for your business or service.

What I can offer?

Free Campaign Audit (Upto 2 Campaigns)
Campaign Setup & Optimization
Negative Keyword To Save Your Adspend
Keyword Research & Expansion
Competitor Analysis
Eye Catchy Ad Copies
Ad Extensions
Bid and Budget Management
Ad Scheduling

Why Me?

Trained Through Googlers
Handled SMB & LCS Ads Accounts
< 1 Hour Response Time
5+ Years of Experience in Google Ads

With this gig we create a new campaign or optimize an existing ad campaign.

Setup = we build everything from scratch. We research your business, industry, competitors, create your keywords, search terms, ads, and ad extensions, take care of the settings (biddings, location, goals, ad schedule), and share a small audit (bonus).

Optimize = we go into your account, review the data, do all the necessary work, optimize your keywords, search terms, ads, and ad extensions. We turn off low performing elements, create new ads for A/B testing, push high performers, and share a small audit (bonus).

We use the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach* where you have full control of your budget & bidding, appear for highly relevant keywords, and hyper-focused ads.


. Search ad campaign.

. Ads creation.

. Positive and negative keywords research and configuration.

. Demographic configuration (age, gender, language, location, device and platform).

. Technical configuration (budget, bid, ad scheduling).

. Video screen share with everything we have done.

. Small audit.


Proof of results:



How it works?

After you purchase the gig you will answer a short survey with everything we need to know. You will also find detailed instructions on how to share access. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you. We will build the campaign and deliver everything we did before you approve and launch it.

What counts as a product or service?

A product or service can be a unique product (shoe 1), a service (clean your shoe), a url (, a category (shoe collection), or a small group of related keywords/search terms (women dress shoes).

Do you do AdWords for any type of business?

We do not provide Google Ads for websites that are not compliant with laws, regulations, Google policies, or any campaigns that need approval from Google Ads managers. We do not support affiliate sites or industries where we have limited experience. We reserve the right to refuse unethical campaigns.

Can you create a new Google Ads account?

We do not provide this service. You will need to create a Google Ads account and add billing information. If the billing information is not added the campaign will not run.

Do I need to provide my login credentials to grant you access in my Ad account?

You can share your AdWord account Customer ID (10 digits Numeric) with me, I will request access to your account, Once you approve the request I will have access. Please do NOT share your own UID and Password.

Is the Ad Spend Included In the Fee?

2 reviews for Google Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization – Basic

  1. amyvred

    I had the pleasure of working with Hafis on a Google Ads campaign for my business, and I can confidently say that it was a game-changer. From the outset, Hafis demonstrated a profound understanding of how to maximize the potential of Google Ads to benefit my company.

  2. Bennet

    Hafis offered excellent communication and thoughtful advice. I can’t wait to continue working with him. As a small business owner, the insight and knowledge he provides is a real game changer. We are able to make decisions based on real information.

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